Senators: Keep the Pentagon Cuts

House Republicans betrayed their promise to make long-needed spending cuts to the Pentagon budget -- and even voted to increase military spending by $8 billion -- while still demanding cuts to vital programs that provide food for children, health care for the uninsured, and help for jobless Americans to get back on their feet.

Sign Council for a Livable World's and Progressives United's open letter to the Senate asking them to stand up to House Republicans and stick to their promise to cut Pentagon spending:



The Republican-led House has passed a Defense Authorization bill that actually increases spending on the Pentagon, at a direct cost to spending on vital programs here at home. The spending requested is well above what Secretary of Defense Panetta and other military leaders have requested, and completely ignores Congress' own promise to cut spending.

The Congress has passed laws committing to cut over $50 billion from the Pentagon. And this target can be sensibly met without harming our national security interests.

But only if the Senate stands up to the House, and refuses to let them destroy the fabric of our social safety net so that we can continue to fund pork-barrel military projects that even the Pentagon does not want.

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